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9 thoughts on “ Lividity

  1. livor mortis: [ li´vor ] discoloration. livor mor´tis discoloration on dependent parts of the body after death.
  2. Sure, "Lividity" is not as well written as their last two albums, but it's still a great collection of songs. Even more impressive is the fact that the band recorded and produced the album entirely by themselves in guitarist Mike Hatalak's Niagara Falls studio. They managed to hold on when things seemed impossible to overcome, with label push /5(7).
  3. Postmortem hypostasis or lividity is defined as an intravascular phenomenon, but there is anecdotal evidence that postmortem hemorrhages can result from intense lividity. A detailed understanding of how and why this hemorrhagic form of lividity occurs is lacking, but it has significant medicolegal importance.
  4. Lividity grounded in lived experiences of unjust treatment was granted official recognition--Paying the Price included numerous excerpts from submissions provided by victims of racial profiling--thereby buttressing the public image of the OHRC as a firm ally, and even a protector, of groups whose membership in Canadian society is perhaps more nominal than substantive.
  5. Define lividity. lividity synonyms, lividity pronunciation, lividity translation, English dictionary definition of lividity. adj. 1. Discolored, as from a bruise; black-and-blue. 2. Ashen or pallid: a face livid with shock. 3. Extremely angry; furious. li·vid′i·ty, liv′id·ness n.
  6. Lividity is a new, exciting brand centered around Gaming, Entertainment, and Apparel. Inspired by Gaming and Entertainment pioneers before it, Lividity strives to become one of the best known organizations of its kind. Find out more about us through our site! #GetLivid.
  7. Founded by Dave Kibler originally as a one-man project. In he invited other musicians into the project thus shifting Lividity, at that point, into a full band.
  8. Lividity The term lividity refers to an unnatural color of the skin. Lividity can be a useful reaction in determining the position of a body at the time of death and even whether a body was moved within the first few hours after death. There are various forms of lividity.
  9. Synonyms for lividity include anger, angriness, birse, choler, furore, furor, fury, indignation, irateness and ire. Find more similar words at petherronestdetigoodreleveamarmeo.xyzinfo!

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