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  1. STPH Niels Van Veen - Your Body (Original Mix) [Stereophonic] by Stereophonic published on TZ STPH Lineki, Paolo Barbato, Joseph G - La Cordillera (Original Mix) [stereophonic] by Stereophonic.
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  3. Definition of stereophonic: of, relating to, or constituting sound reproduction involving the use of separated microphones and two transmission channels to achieve the sound separation of a live hearing Other Words from stereophonic Example Sentences Learn More about stereophonic .
  4. Over the past 50 years, audio has progressed rapidly from monophonic to stereophonic sound, followed by quadraphonic audio, and Dolby surround sound. A rush of new productions from the late s responded to the introduction of stereophonic effects. Not necessarily, since stereophonic sound in was nothing more than a dream.
  5. stereophonic - Computer Definition Sound reproduction that uses two channels (left and right) and mostly referred to as "stereo." Contrast with monophonic systems that use a single channel (see monophonic) and surround sound systems that use from five to seven channels (see surround sound).
  6. stereophonic (Adjective) of or pertaining to sound reproduction using two channels to give a more natural two-dimensional sound distribution How to pronounce stereophonic?

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